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Who we are

EDENation is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to support underprivileged children who may not be enjoying their educational rights to the fullest owed to disability, financial constraints or disinterest/lack of motivation.

We achieve this by helping such children, otherwise, our scholars, to acquire literacy and numeracy skills and also developing their God-given talents through enrollment into schools and direct mentoring in and outside the classroom.

Where We came from

EDENation was conceived and born out of the constant burden of seeing a lot of children growing up within the University of Cape Coast environs but not going to schoo.

The initiator would initially accompany truant children to their classrooms or homes to their teachers or parents respectively, and take the opportunity to understand their peculiar needs.

Initially, he would encounter most of these children walking barefooted and buy them 'flipflops'. But, as time went by, the idea to have a structured programme that supports these children constantly and consistently was conceived. This was shared with some well-meaning friends and sundry who gave assurance of support.

EDENation was inaugurated in September, 2017, graced by Nana Kweku Enu III, Chief of Apewosika-Kokoado, who also gave his blessings and support for the cause

Saving Soles, a not-for-profit fund raising organisation immensely supported EDENation to acquire the first batch of school bags, school uniforms, and shoes which were given to our scholars to begin their journey with us.

Where We Are

EDENation has at present enrolled into school 10 children who were originally dropped out, had never been to school or were not motivated to stay in their previous schools.

10 other children with educational needs are also being supported through being provided with stationery, school uniforms, shoes, school bags and sometimes money to settle some school financial needs.

This makes the number of EDENScholars 20 in all.

Where We are going

The vision of EDENation is to give these young scholars a life-changing experience which gives them the opportunity to realise their fullest educational potentials.

It's our vision that as we support these young ones, the burden of social vices upon the society become reduced.

Also, we want to see our scholars become agents of change within their immediate communities as they rise above the status quo and become beacons of hope for other underprivileged children.

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