What we do to support our scholars, be part of the movement

Our Programs And Curriculum

Volunteers at EDENation volunteer a maximum of 4 hours each week:

  • 2 hours during the weekday to support our scholars during school or after school curricular activities.
  • 2 hours during weekends to mentor the scholars on leadership, character bidding, and talent development.

Below are the three (3) main groups of programmes we run to support our scholars:

Teaching Programme

Volunteers engage with scholars one-to-one to help them acquire and improve their literacy and numeracy skills based on the EDENation's Teaching Curriculum. This is scheduled according to the EDENation calendar: Find Here.

Mentoring Programme

Volunteers engage one-to-one with scholars to help them develop their leadership, character and talents. Volunteers guide scholars to work through these programmed activities as scheduled by the EDENation calendar: Find Here.

Monitoring Programme

Volunteers visit the schools of scholars to observe and take feedback from their teachers. Volunteers work with scholars within the school setting for two hours. Find more details about Monitoring Weeks Here (Calendar).

Considering how to volunteer and the benefits involved in working for a social change in our societies? Read more below!

Benefits of being a volunteer

EDENation focuses on using the volunteering platform to harness the potentials of young people who are aspiring to be agents of change within their community and to be part of the solutions to the problems of the world. For this reason, we take time to also invest in our volunteers in various ways that help them pursue their career and educational goals.

What we offer:
  • Certificate for volunteering
  • CV Review
  • Coaching for job interviews
  • Grooming for scholarship opportunities
  • Future references

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